The initial concept for Galactic Ambassadors came in a “download” of inspired ideas to Tamara Scott on April 1, 2017.  Bill Crowley was out camping at the time, and Tamara wrote and sketched out her vision of a project that would help to move humanity forward in their quest to become more enlightened (or conscious,) while preparing earth’s citizens for contact with our galactic neighbors.

Upon Bill’s return, Tamara shared her concepts, Bill added his insights, and Galactic Ambassadors was officially underway! The project has morphed over time, as we have personally changed and grown, and as the needs of earth’s citizens are expanding and shifting.   Consciousness continues to increase, the earth is vibrating at ever-higher frequencies, and everything is in constant change and flux.

We are launching Galactic Ambassadors knowing full well that the mission, goals and offerings will keep evolving as we respond to the needs of our fellow HU-mans, as well as the input from our guides and galactic neighbors. The biggest challenge we have had is to “LET GO,” surrender the need for perfection, and  “create in the moment.”  We just had to get out of our own way!

Thank you for joining us on this great adventure.  We hope that you find information and inspiration to guide you on your journey as a Galactic Ambassador.

Tamara & Bill


About Tamara    

Tamara Scott Crowley has enjoyed exploring and participating in the paranormal since childhood.  At the age of five, she witnessed three UFO’s (saucer type) chasing each other in a triangular shape in the skies over Portland, Oregon in the middle of the night with her grandfather, grandmother and little sister.   Over the years, she has had many UFO sightings – including an incredible display on her birthday in Mt. Shasta, CA with her husband and a wonderful friend.  She will also share her personal Sasquatch sighting if you ask her about it.  To her, the “paranormal” is normal, and every new experience is one of awe and wonderment!

Tamara is an empath, as well as a Spiritual Medium, and her skills have enabled her to serve as a conduit between time/space/dimensions/people.  She has used her gifts to assist law enforcement with searches for missing people, and has conducted more than 500 readings for private clients. Tamara feels that being a medium is a sacred gift, and it is important to come from your heart, and be a “clear channel” in service to others.  If you are interested in scheduling a private reading, visit the Intuitive Counseling By Tamara page in the “About” Section.

Tamara is a graduate of Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Journalism. She had a successful career in Corporate Communications for various Fortune 200 companies, such as Countrywide Financial Corporation and Toyota Financial Services, in addition to public service for various local governments in Oregon and Washington State. She co-founded a commuter airline, and has also worked extensively in the Investment Real Estate industry.

In her spare time, she plays the Celtic harp, grows roses, and has spent many years volunteering as a MUFON Field Investigator and MUFON Orange County Board Member.


About Bill

Bill Crowley  is a truth seeker who has always been drawn to the paranormal, with specific interests in UFO’s and Sasquatch.

Bill’s first UFO experience was in the mid-90’s while on the Big Island in Hawaii, where he had a night-time sighting over the ocean that was completely unexplainable.  He has had a lot of awesome sightings since then, as well.

His fascination with Sasquatch / Bigfoot has led him into vast, mountainous areas to commune with this illusive species.  Bill has had a personal interaction with a Sasquatch while in the Marble Mountains in Northern California.  He has also had additional sightings while in the mountains around Idyllwild, California.  He has a vast knowledge of all known research regarding Sasquatch / Bigfoot, and enjoys sharing his personal experiences, thoughts, and beliefs regarding these multi-dimensional beings.

A graduate of Stanford University, he also is an All-American Track and Field athlete, and was inducted in the Massachusetts Track Hall of Fame.  While living in Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs contracted with Bill to travel the world as a bi-lingual cultural ambassador through his work in the 400 year-old Japanese comedic artform, Rakugo.  His mission in this lifetime is to continue his cross-cultural work by being a bridge between humans and other non-human species.

Bill recently spent nearly 5 years volunteering as a MUFON Orange County Board Member and MUFON Field Investigator.


We love to engage with fellow Galactic Ambassadors. If you have a comment, a question or just want to say “hi”, we’re here for you!

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