What is the name of the species? 

Bigfoot (America), Sasquatch (Canada),  Skunk Ape (America-Florida), Yeti (Himalayas), Yowie (Australia), Almasty (Russia), Yeren (China)

What planet(s) are they from? 

Not known at this time.  They primarily live in mountainous, remote wilderness areas on Earth, and have been seen in conjunction with, or being picked up or dropped off by UFOs.

Which dimension are they from? 

Some first-hand reports state that they are 4th dimensional, or above.  However, we do know they are inter-dimensional, as they have the ability to  “go invisible” for short periods of time, and they know how to use or create natural portals.

What are the physical characteristics of this race? 

  • Height: 7-10 ft. (upright)
  • Weight: 600-1,000 lbs.
  • Long hair covering body – color black, brown, red, blond, white
  • Ears: hidden in head hair on side of head
  • Face:
    • flat and ape-like or more high ridged nose resembling humans,
    • eyes deep-set under raised brow like Cro-Magnon
  • Broad shoulders
  • Extreme muscular development in adults
  • No neck
  • Long limbs extending down to knee area
  • Feet: 16 in. (average)
    • Flatfooted
    • Broad heel, poorly differentiated ball of foot
    • Midfoot flexibility
  • Movement
    • Extremely fast as biped and quadruped
    • Walking tracks will be in straight line, with right foot print directly behind left footprint and so on

What are the cultural characteristics of this race (e.g., music, art, leisure time activities, sports)

Usually live in small family groups, but gather together with other clans at certain times of year for mating and socializing with some physical games.

Do they believe in a divine being or other religious beliefs?

Unknown at this time.

Do they procreate like humans?  Or have sexual relations for pleasure?

They procreate like humans, and most likely have sexual relations for pleasure while the family group is together.

Do they have offspring and raise them?


What type of educational system do they have? How do they learn? 

Parents teach the children directly.

Does this race have jobs?  Or missions?  What do they do with their time

Not clear, but appear to be of service to ETs and as earth-keepers.

What type of homes do they live in?

They create nests made from tree branches and other soft materials.

What type of food do they eat? 

Omnivores, but appear not to like processed human food.

If we were to eat their food, would it make most humans ill?

We could eat some things like berries, but they appear to have other primitive enzymes that allow them to eat things humans could not eat.

What type of medical system do they have?   Do they have advanced healing modalities to ours?

Unknown at this time.

How long does this race live (on average) and what types of things do they typically die from?

They die from old age and fatal accidents occurring in nature.

Does this race have an agenda with Earth and its inhabitants?

They are protectors of Earth.

What can this race teach us so that we can learn and grow as a species?

They can teach us:

  • respect for Mother Earth and all life on it
  • life outside of normal human understanding
    • aliens
    • inner earth beings
    • elementals
    • inter-dimensional travel

Is this species considered to be friendly or non-friendly to humans?

They are harmless; however, they may appear to be violent and aggressive in order to pressure humans to leave the area, or if there are females, babies or child-aged Sasquatches nearby.

Is there a greeting protocol that is standard?

Bigfoot trying to connect with a human:

  • A bigfoot may leave you a small pile of rocks or twigs on a stump or a rock as a gift. They are showing their appreciation or willingness for contact.
  • You may smell a “skunky” smell, but can’t see them – but you will sense them (you may feel like you are being watched and the hair on the back of your neck may be standing up.) They are trying to connect, but are not willing to show themselves physically to you, yet. They are working on trusting you and your intentions.
  • They are playful and they may “borrow” personal items, such as hats, shirts, etc., and then return them. They may also move items around, such as lawn chairs, etc.
  • Animals will sense them, and dogs may bark, horses may get spooked, and the chickens may be nervous because they are a potential “dinner” for the Sasquatch. Pay attention to your animals – as they will most likely alert you that they are there.  We have reports that barn cats will be friends with them and will happily share space with them.
  • A bigfoot will talk to you telepathically, so you may be startled, at first, to have someone start communicating with you in your head. Just breathe, and communicate back to them with your thoughts.
  • Once a rapport has been established, the Sasquatch / Bigfoot may reveal themselves physically to you slowly, over time. They may first appear at dusk – and you see a glimpse or shadow of them.   Then, they will come out earlier or closer to you.  They are trying to not frighten you – and are also building trust with you.

Human trying to connect with a bigfoot:

This is a standard protocol that has been  “field tested” by humans who are wishing to connect with Sasquatch / Bigfoot.

  1. Be alone in nature, not near other humans, preferably at night as Sasquatch feel safer because they are more wary of meeting humans than we are of them.
  2. Have no guns, cameras, recording devices on or near you
  3. Send out telepathic positive, selfless thoughts/feelings of gratitude to them for their service to the planet.
  4. In your mind simply request that you’d like to have a mutually-respectful relationship and that you’d like to help them in any way. Do not be manipulative or demanding.
  5. Send out a telepathic ‘welcome greeting’ and then a make a “whoop” call

Once encountered or their presence is felt:

  1. Stand with arms stretched out to the side at 90° angle with palms open and facing forward. Slowly turn in 360° revolution three times, letting them see you are not concealing anything and that you are open physically and emotionally.
  2. If/when you suddenly feel a wave of fear traveling up your body, immediately send out telepathic thoughts/feelings of love and friendship. This should instantly eliminate all fearfulness.  As tigers in the wild will send a blast of ultra-low frequency to stun their prey for a split second, helping to ensure a successful attack; Sasquatch do this to humans to make them leave the area.
  3. At this point it might be good to slowly offer a gift, all-natural tobacco or pretty stones for example. Do not put them on the ground though. Elevate the gift, both physically and from a value perspective, by placing it on a log, large rock, from a tree, etc.
  4. Once face to face, be as calm as possible and always think kind thoughts to the Sasquatch as they can read your mind.
  • Thank him/her for their wonderful service to nature and ask if you can be of service to him/her?
  • From here, it’s just like building a solid, trustworthy human friendship and all that entails.

Are there specific things that one should or should not do when interacting with this species?

Remember, no guns, cameras or recording devices on or near you.  Greet them with an open heart and mind, without making demands on them.  Offering a gift is nice.

Is there something that one can offer/share with this species to enhance their life or experience with humans?

Ask them if there is anything you can do to be of service to them.



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