By Tamara Scott Crowley

AlienCon-BTDay 1 (Friday, June 21)

AlienCon 2019 opened on Friday, June 21 at the Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles – and it was AWESOME! The excitement and energy of the crowd was palpable, as everyone was eager to celebrate our galactic neighbors.

Bill and I participated on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) speakers panel that focused on experiencers, which are humans who have had some type of contact with non-human intelligences.  It was exciting to be able to briefly share our personal experiences with UFO’s, Bigfoot, and benevolent reptilians with the audience.

A reoccurring theme that was shared by all of the experts on the panel, was that ET’s tell contactees that we need to raise our consciousness, take better care of our planet, and eliminate our nuclear weapons.

As I said during the event, “Humans need to raise their consciousness and the aliens have to lower their vibration in order for us to connect.  We have to meet somewhere in the middle.”


At the end of the session, there was just enough time to take a few questions from the audience.

We had a lovely gentleman who was brave enough to share that even looking at the AlienCon logo stirred deep emotions within him, and he was happy to be at the event where he could explore what was going on with him.  The entire room responded with unconditional love and applause, and our fellow panel member, NK, jumped off of the stage and gave him a hug!

Then there was a woman who shared her amazing story about ET contact that occurs like clockwork every 10 years.  The panel members were able to validate for her that we hear of many cases where contactees are visited on anniversaries of varying lengths.  This is completely normal.

I think the power of AlienCon is the opportunity to bring together all types of humans from various walks of life and to validate, celebrate and explore the unknown of ET contact TOGETHER.  We have the chance to ask questions, get answers, and connect.  We are not alone in our experiences, and we are not alone in the universe. We are ONE!


Day 2 (Sunday, June 23)

It was another day of alien celebration and exploration! Day 3 of AlienCon was filled with great speakers, chances to share experiences and an opportunity to stock up on memorabilia, books and memories.

Bill and I had another opportunity to represent MUFON International on a panel discussion regarding UFO sightings around the world. The panel was kicked off with Kathleen Marden providing some fascinating statistics regarding UFO sightings, including the fact that there are 78 reported sightings this year alone of people who have encountered a craft less than 100′ from the witness. There have been 21 reports of UFO landings and take-offs, and MUFON receives anywhere from 500-1,000 reports per month from around the world of various types of alien encounters.

We ARE being visited by our neighbors in space, and the panel shared their personal experiences and the details of cases that they have investigated.


Bill asked everyone to remember that you can’t watch the skies and see our galactic neighbors if you have your head down while looking at your cell phone! Too many people are enamored with their digital toys – and forget that we are part of the world around us!  Put down the phone and LOOK UP!!!

The panel members also agreed that it is important to really be in the moment and EXPERIENCE what is happening when you see a UFO or an ET. Watch what happens at the beginning, middle and end and then write it down immediately afterwards. Then, file a report with Yes, it is great to try to get a photo or a video, but it is much more important to take in the experience of what is happening, as it is truly a special moment.

The session wrapped up with a few questions from our audience members, and one gentleman shared his amazing encounter with a saucer craft that he had drawn a picture of. We were also asked by a woman (and her adorable daughter) about our thoughts on her experience with a bright light while they were out in the desert.  Everyone was asked to please file a report with so that we can properly investigate and share our findings on these incredible experiences.

It was an honor and a privilege to connect with so many people who are excited and enthusiastic about meeting our non-human friends.  Bill and I are grateful to MUFON for their continued efforts to investigate UFO and ET contact in the world – and the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

We hope to see you next year at AlienCon 2020!


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Photos: Don Rich
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