By Tamara Scott Crowley

For those of us who have “furry cat children” in the house, there isn’t anything that we wouldn’t do to ensure their health and happiness.  Their purring emits a healing frequency and their crazy antics provide hours of entertainment.

After reading about numerous commercial pet food recalls which caused death or illness, I started researching the very best food that we could provide to our cat.  I was led to, which is the website of Dr. Lisa A. Pierson, DVM.  This comprehensive website outlines why feeding your cat raw food, as close to their native diet as possible, is the best thing for their long-term health and happiness.

I have continuously had a cat since the age of 5, and I confess that I used to feed my cats dry, commercial cat food.  I bought the best brands out there and spent a ton of money.  However, dry food is a leading cause of kidney disease, pain and suffering in cats.  I just didn’t know any better!

Dr. Pierson says that at least feeding your cat wet, canned food is a big improvement over dry cat food.  However, the best thing is raw cat food that is made from either chicken, or a mix of ground rabbit and chicken, in addition to eggs and vitamins.  There are also raw, frozen commercial brands available at the pet food store (such as Stella and Chewy’s) that are easy to store and use, that are fantastic.

I decided to “go all in” and invested in a meat grinder to make my own, homemade raw cat food.  I used the recipe on Dr. Pierson’s website, and quickly decided that it was easier to make a quadruple batch once every 6-8 weeks, as opposed to making cat food every other week.


I also started ordering frozen, finely ground rabbit from a family-owned farm in Pennsylvania that specializes in meat for raw pet food. (See below for resources.)




Wow – what an amazing experience!  My cat, Sparky’s, coat is super shiny and healthy, his poop has NO smell whatsoever and he is the picture of happiness.  Every time I take him in to get his nails trimmed, the ladies gush about how gorgeous his coat is and ask what I am feeding him.



Our animal’s consciousness is just as important as ours, and by feeding our pets organic, raw food as close to their native diet as possible, we support their spiritual and physical health.

Oh, and by the way, they LOVE the raw cat food, too.


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