By Bill Crowley

During the first weekend of April 2019, I flew to New Mexico for a UFO Field Investigation with internationally renowned UFO Researcher and Author, Paola Harris. Our mission was to research historical UFO crash/landing sites dating from August 1945, which was 2 years before the Roswell crash and only 1 month after the first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, at the Trinity Site in New Mexico.

It was fascinating to investigate the New Mexico UFO crash/landing sites of The Plains of San Augustin (1) , Magdalena (2), Socorro (3) and San Antonio (4).



These crash sites form a corridor leading to the Trinity Site. Our galactic friends were most certainly keeping a very watchful eye on the destruction that the adolescent earthlings were causing to the multi-verse!

Also, within this corridor is the Very Large Array (VLA) of Radio Telescopes that was featured in the 1997 movie “Contact,” starring Jodie Foster. The movie was about making contact with our ET neighbors. Perhaps all of the UFO sightings and atomic history in this area were important factors in placing the VLA in its location.


The questions that kept coming up for us were, “Why so many crash / landing sites in this area?” “Did the energy of Magdalena fault line or the US military play a part in attracting the UFOs?” “Were their crashes / landings caused because of a disruption to time/space or a warp in wormholes caused by the bomb?” These are questions still unanswered at this time.

I interviewed a very credible witness, J.P, who was 9 years old at the time of the atomic explosion and one month later was a witness to a crashed UFO with three small humanoid ETs. He is now 84 years old and was a former California State Highway Patrolman for almost 30 years.

His mother went blind when she witnessed the bomb blast with her naked eyes at 5:29 a.m., just 12 miles from ground zero. J.P. went on to explain how he has had many illnesses due to radiation sickness. He believes he is still alive today because soon after the explosion he moved to California. Almost all of his friends who stayed in San Antonio, N.M. had early deaths. He said the entire flora in the area never grew back to its pre-blast growth. The plants have been stunted ever since.

Regarding J.P.’s eye-witness testimony of the crashed UFO, he first thought the three ‘hombresitos’ (small little men) were actually injured children walking about the crashed UFO. They were screaming, emitting high-pitched sounds like rabbits do when they’re hurt. Upon closer inspection he noticed their arms were longer than humans and they only had four fingers. J.P.’s 6-year-old friend was with him and got very scared, so they went home. When they returned, the Army had cordoned off the area. The boys hid from the Army lookouts. At the end of the day the Army personnel left the sight to go to The Owl Bar for drinks. J.P. walked down to the sight and into the UFO and pulled a metal piece off the wall; he surmises it may have been some kind of navigational control that spun on the wall. Although the part is still in safe keeping, I was only privy to multiple photos of the piece and hope to inspect it in person at a later time.

In many of these crash or landing cases, the adult UFO witnesses of the New Mexico sightings were either ridiculed, or even coerced to leave their professional careers.

We need to honor these brave souls who spoke their truth in the face of adversity. By sharing their experiences with UFO and ET encounters, or disseminating the factual horrors of nuclear weapons, they put their lives and their livelihoods on the line.

Our space brothers knew the dangers, and now we do, too. The question is, “What we are going to do about it to make the world a better place?”



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