By Bill Crowley

On July 18, 2018, Bill Crowley and Paola Harris conducted a field investigation at the Hyperion Bridge in Los Angeles, CA.  Their goal was to locate the site of the meetings between Orfeo Angelucci, author of  “The Secret of The Saucers,” and his space neighbor, Neptune, from the planet Venus in the 1950s.  The following is their Field Report.


Date/Time: July 18, 2018, 11:33am
Location: Hyperion Bridge, Los Angeles
Investigators: Paola Harris and Bill Crowley

As we drove towards the Hyperion Bridge on the 5 freeway, the skies suddenly opened up and it starting pouring rain.  This is not typical of southern California summers which usually see no rain.  As we took the exit ramp the rain suddenly stopped and a rainbow appeared, as had happened to Orfeo in his book, “The Secret of the Saucers.”

This would be the first ‘coincidence’ that day on our field investigation that matched with Orfeo’s experience at Hyperion Bridge about 65 years ago.

As we scouted the area, Paola’s instincts were telling her that we should descend the south eastern embankment walking under the bridge to get to the northern side of the bridge.


Once under the bridge we began to hear beautiful music.  It was coming from a young homeless woman who was sitting under the bridge. This reminded us of another passage in Orfeo’s book, where he heard strange music during one of his encounters.

We had no idea exactly which ‘large rocks’ Orfeo and Neptune sat on by the bridge, and no doubt much of the riverbed changes each winter when heavy rains cause the river to move rocks, trees, etc. downstream.  However, we experienced the same sense of tranquility that Orfeo spoke of while we stood on the riverbank.  We were in a hidden oasis of flowers, wildlife, large green trees and bushes, as well as many tiny waterfalls.  I’ve driven on the I-5 freeway, less than 100 feet away from this spot hundreds of times without ever realizing such a beautiful place existed.  I was amazed at how this little bit of paradise has thrived in such an odd place!

It is easy to see why Orfeo used to frequent this place when he needed to clear his mind.  We definitely felt the tranquility that he experienced there, before he even met Neptune.

Although we may never know the exact spots of Orfeo’s meetings with Neptune, we can easily understand why both of them chose this place.  Paola said it well, “I got the feeling they were watching us…years later  …no time… distinction…”

To speak with their words from the book on page 13, “Among the countless other worlds in the cosmos, Orfeo, the children of the Earth are as babes, although many of them believe they are close to the ultimate of knowledge.  Among the worlds of the universe are many types of spiritual and physical evolutions.  Each form of intelligent life adapts itself to the physical conditions prevalent upon its home planet.  Most of these evolutions exist in more highly attenuated forms of matter than upon Earth. But the majority are rather similar to man in appearance.  There is a definite reason for this being so.  In reality, we are Earth’s older brothers and thus we will aid Earth’s people insofar as they, through free will, will permit us to do so.”

Below is a 10 minute video with highlights of their investigation.


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