By Bill Crowley

Water is a magic elixir for good health, with our bodies requiring about half of your weight in ounces of water everyday.  So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you would need to drink 75 ounces of water per day.

Water from the tap in your house may have fluoride, chlorine and other nasty chemicals, which is not good for the body.   Depending upon the brand, purified water purchased at the store in plastic bottles may not be much better than the water coming out of your tap, as many bottle their water from municipal water sources.

Home delivery of filtered water from a water retailer can be very expensive, and is still transported and stored in plastic containers which may contain harmful BPA (bisphenol A) chemicals.

On our quest to find the best water possible, we researched the cost of installing a home water filtration system, which was up to $10,000 to treat the entire home!  We were renting at the time so we could not move forward in addition to the cost being too expensive.  Reeling from the sticker shock, we got some great advice from the water filtration installation expert.  He recommended that we purchase water from our local Water Store to get 99% of the same quality of water that would come out of a professional water treatment system.IMG_4559

Water Stores, if you are not familiar with them, are generally located within lower income areas in cities. Just enter “Water Store” or “Agua” and your zip code into any browser to find the nearest retailer.  Inside the store, you’ll see a row of water taps that quickly dispense water that has been through an industrial-size reverse osmosis processes.  Sometimes they’ll have used ozone for further purification and might even have some Alkaline water dispensers.

You bring in your own containers, fill them up and take them home.

When you get home, simply add ‘ConcenTrace Mineral’ drops (about 3 squeezes for a 5-gallon container) that you buy from your local health food store.  You see, the reverse osmosis is great for removing most bad things from the water; however, it also removes some good things too, like essential minerals that our bodies need.IMG_4573

The Water Store will charge you about .25 cents per gallon, or $1.25 for 5-gallons!  Compare that with approximately $15.00 per 5-gallon bottle of water to be delivered to my house from Arrowhead.  Yes, we have to drive to the water store to fill up our containers, but the Water Store water is much healthier for you and tastes great!

To eliminate any harmful residue from plastic containers, we discovered that 5-gallon glass containers (called carboys), are much healthier for you and make the water taste even better.  Although the glass containers are heavier, the plastic containers usuallycontain BPA.  The public has been warned about the dangers of BPA, so plastic manufacturers have been coming out with BPA-free plastic containers.  However, these containers usually have chemicals that are worse than BPA!   If you still go the plastic container route, then just be sure to do your due diligence and make sure the plastic isn’t toxic.

Glass 5-gallon containers can be purchased from the nearest microbrewery. They cost about $23 and will last forever…unless you drop them.  You can rinse them out at the Water Stores because they have strong jets specifically to clean them.

There are also special carrying straps made to help transport the glass carboys.   Just go to Amazon and search for ‘brew hauler carboy carrier.’  I recommend the ones that have self-locking clips, as they stay tight and won’t slip (see resources section below.)IMG_4562

To dispense the water from the glass containers at home, we recommend using a curved metal rod stand and a hand pressure spout that screws right on the carboy glass container.  Dew caps are used on the filled 5-gallon containers full of water when you are transporting them or they are waiting to be used (see resources section below.)IMG_4571

Drinking GOOD water in the right amounts will change your body for the better.  You’ll notice that your skin may be more supple, not as dry, and your wrinkles greatly diminish.  It can also reduce or eliminate constipation, and decrease your chance of illness.

Finally, we recommend installing shower and bath filters to reduce the toxins from tap water while you bathe.  Within a day, you’ll notice much healthier skin that is not as dry and itchy.  It’s unbelievable how simple, cheap and effective good water is on our well-being!


Water Accessories Resources:

Curved metal rod stand, hand pressure spouts, and Dew Caps: https://foryourwater.com/collections/accessories?view=all

Shower Water Filters:  (https://www.filtersfast.com/search/go?w=rccq%20rainshow%27r )

Bath Water Filters: (https://www.filtersfast.com/Rainshowr-Bath-3000-water-filter.asp )


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