By Tamara Scott Crowley

I always have a book (or two) that I am reading, and at the moment it is “Rising Strong” by Brené Brown.

I was guided to this book because a colleague recommended that I watch her Netflix documentary titled “A Call To Courage.”  I was HOOKED!  In the documentary, she discusses how vulnerability is the key component to courage, and that it requires uncertainty, risk or emotional exposure.  (YIKES!!! All the things I like to mitigate to maintain that “I have everything under control” exterior veneer.)

In “Rising Strong”, the book shares what happens when we are brave, utterly fail and how we pick ourselves up again to go on. Brown explores what people with really amazing relationships, business leaders guiding their teams, and artists pushing the creative boundaries have in common. The answer? They recognize the power of emotion and they’re not afraid to lean in to discomfort.

IMG_1210Have I failed in major, epic ways in this lifetime?  Absolutely!  Was I able to pick myself up again afterwards?  Yes!  However, I didn’t have the knowledge to identify where I was in the process and some important tools to help me through the resolution, which this book provides.

Books speak to the soul and come to you when you need them.  At the moment, this book is helping me to dare to be courageous and vulnerable, and share emotionally when I would prefer to appear that I have the emotional range of Spock from Star Trek.

When you leave your comfort zone, take risks and are fearless, you are going to fail.  It is inevitable.  It’s how you pick yourself back up and go on is what is important.

“Rising Strong” encourages you to be fearless, vulnerable, and to ensure that at the end of this life you have explored and created whatever your heart and soul intended.

I am off to go create out of my comfort zone.  Happy reading!


Over the years, I have read thousands of books regarding various aspects of the spiritual path and our neighbors from other galaxies.  Below is a listing of a few favorite books or web sites that have helped me on my journey.  PLEASE NOTE:  This is just a tiny fraction of the sources that I resonate with the most, and I am not discounting any author because they are not on the list.

I encourage you to use your own intuition to discover a book, read a flyer or check out a website that you are guided to – or that people keep mentioning to you.  Your guides and higher self are helping to ‘”light the way” for your next step on the path.

I wish you many hours of enjoyment and synchronicity as you find “the next piece of the puzzle.”

PS – The books that have an asterisk are Bill’s favorite book recommendations.



Author: Title:
David R. Hawkins Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender
David R. Hawkins Transcending the Levels of Consciousness
Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements
Jim Self/Roxanne Burnett Spirit Matters
Lynne Mc Taggart The Intention Experiment
Lynne Mc Taggart The Field
Lynne Mc Taggart The Power of 8
James Redfield The Celestine Vision (and all books in the series)
Jacqueline Freeman The Song of Increase
Maryanne Williamson A Course in Miracles
Michael Newton Destiny of Souls
Michael Newton Journey of Souls
Michael Newton Life Between Lives (any books by him)
Brian Weiss, MD Messages from the Masters (any books by him)
Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements Companion Book
Caroline Myss Sacred Contracts
Dan Millman The Life You Were Born To Live


Author: Title:
Judith Orloff, MD Second Sight
Rose Rosetree Empowered by Empathy
Sonia Choquette, Ph. D The Psychic Pathway
Sylvia Browne Life on the Other Side / The Other Side and Back
James Van Prague Heaven and Earth (any books by him)
John Edward One Last Time (any books/tapes by him)


Author: Title:
Ann Boroch, CNC The Candida Cure
Ann Boroch, CNC The Candida Cure Cookbook
Susan Schenk Beyond Broccoli
Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald The Detox Solution
Dr. Theodore A. Baroody Alkalize or Die
Dr. Bernard Jensen Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care


Type: Resources:
Colonics  www.i-act.org

(locate an IACT certified colon hydrotherapist)

James Allred, Boulder, CO.  www.jamesallred.com
Madeline Angelus, Boulder, CO.
Directional Non Force

Technique Chiropractic


(Locate a DNFT professional in your area, or visit Dr.Christopher John in Beverly Hills, CA.)

Acupuncture/Naturopathy www.santamonicawellness.com (Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, Santa Monica, CA.)


Author: Title:
Alice A. Bailey Telepathy
Alice A. Bailey A Treatise on White Magic
Henry S. Olcott Old Diary Leaves
Mark & Claire Prophet Saint Germain on Alchemy
Godfre’ Ray King Unveiled Mysteries (and two others)


Type: Resources:
·  Ascension Path Course ($)

·  Light Intel Newsletter (free)

·  Ascension materials (free)

·  SUNday Unity Meditations (free)


Sandra Walter provides Ascension tools, resources and sessions to assist with the Ascension process.


Type: Resources:
Transcendental Meditation ($) WWW.TM.org
SUNday Unity Meditations  +
guided meditations (free)




Author: Title:
Paula Leopizzi Harris Connecting the Dots
Richard Dolan UFO’s for the 21st Century Mind
Ingo Swann Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy
Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb Meet The Hybrids: The Lives And Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth
Stuart Holroyd Briefing For The Landing On Planet Earth
Clifford Stone Eyes Only – UFO Crash Retrievals*
Ricardo Gonzales Contact from Planet Apu: Beings from the future among us*
Michel Zirger We are here! Visitors Without a Passport*
David Paulides The Hoopa Project (Bigfoot sightings)*
David Paulides Tribal Bigfoot*
Preston Dennett Not From Here
Robert W. Morgan Bigfoot Observer’s Field Manual*
Joe Beelart & Cliff Olson The Oregon Bigfoot Highway*
J. La Tulippe, B.A The UFO/Bigfoot Connection (chapter 18, only)*
William F. Hamilton, III Project Aquarius*
Orfeo M. Angelucci The Secret of the Saucers*
Truman Bethurum Aboard a Flying Saucer*
C. B. Scott Jones, Ph.D. &

Angela T. Smith, Ph.D.

Voices From The Cosmos
William J. Birnes & Philip Corso The Day After Roswell*


Type: Resources:
Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

International organization that researches, investigates and provides education about the UFO Phenomenon.  Report a UFO sighting, become a member, & Field Investigator training.



MUFON Symposium

Annual MUFON conference on UFO-logy that features the most current speakers and hot topics of the moment.





MUFON Orange County is our local Costa Mesa, California chapter of MUFON International that features some of the top names in UFO-logy at the monthly meetings.  Held every third Wednesday of the month at the Costa Mesa Senior Center.  Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

$10 for first time attendees, $10 for MUFON OC members /students, $15 for non-members.

Come see us at the registration desk and say hello!


A fantastic conference held in early November in Laughlin, Nevada focuses on consciousness as an important factor in the UFO/ET phenomenon. Top UFO-logy speakers in an intimate setting where you can meet and talk with them after their presentations.

Affordable conference fee and beautiful hotel rooms at ridiculously cheap prices.  This is one conference that you MUST go to!

Executive Produced by Paola Harris, the renowned ET journalist and author.

Alien Con

What more can we say?  This conference is all about making fans of ET’s happy, and this event is awesome!  A mix of beloved television-related UFO shows and the “real deal.”  Opportunities to attend various panels and presentations, have a photo op or get an autograph, and awesome shopping for the alien lover on your holiday list!



Author: Title:
JK Rowling Harry Potter series (7 books)


Have any suggested or recommended resources we should add to the library? Feel free to share them with us below.





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