ALIEN CON – June 2018 – Pasadena, CA

MUFON International presented at two different sessions at Alien Con in Pasadena, California on June 16, 2018.  The sessions featured a panel of presenters, including: MUFON Executive Director, Jan Harzan; Bill Crowley; Tamara Scott; Harold Burt; Earl Grey Anderson; Kathleen Marden, and moderator Ron James.  The sessions were filled to capacity (800+ attendees at each presentation) and the topics were:

  • First Contact Experience
  • UFO Sightings Around the World

It was exciting to share our UFO sightings and experiences with so many people, while providing an opportunity for the audience to share their experiences with all of us. It created a sense of community for those that felt that they were alone  – and reinforced that our contact with non-humans is completely normal.  As was restated over and over by the panel…consciousness is the key to contact.


Bill Crowley and Harold Burt were interviewed at Alien Con by Adiamond (Addie) Baker of Ideate TV.

Listen to their experiences and encounters with UFO’s, and how we need to raise our consciousness to make and maintain contact with our space neighbors.


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