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Tamara is a Spiritual Medium who uses a wide range of psychic gifts to serve others.

Coming from a place of loving compassion, she uses any one – or all – of her gifts to deliver life-changing information to her clients.  While many spiritual counselors specialize in one tool or technique, Tamara enjoys receiving messages in a variety of ways.  Her skills simply can’t be put into one box!

As a medium, Tamara is able to pass along clairaudient (clear hearing) messages from spirit guides or deceased family members.  She may also receive visual facts through clairvoyance (clear seeing), and emotional information through her empathic and clairsentient (clear feeling) abilities.   Using your birth date, additional guidance is provided through a custom chart based on a mix of Tarot, numerology and astrology.

No matter the source, the information is lovingly conveyed to each client to assist with his or her life’s journey.

Intuitive Counseling

The session is all about you – and provides you with the information and tools for you to create the life of your dreams!

Are you at a crossroads in your life?  Do you need guidance on which path to take?  This is Tamara’s specialty, and she will be happy to help you with the upcoming influences of astrology / numerology / tarot in your chart for the upcoming year, and provide the wisdom of your spirit guides.

From there, your job is to listen to your guidance and “do the work.”  Spiritual growth and manifesting on the physical plane is all about YOU taking ACTION.  No one can do it for you.  This is your personal life mission, and you are the STAR of the show.

What happens before and during an Intuitive Counseling Session:

Prior to your reading, Tamara will ask for your birth date.  In addition, you will be asked if there are any specific areas or questions that you want her to focus on, such as work, health, family, relationships, etc.  From there, a custom chart is prepared of what is coming up for you in the next year in 52-day cycles.  Tamara also meditates prior to the session to make contact with your guides (and occasionally your deceased loved ones) who need to communicate with you.IMG_1251

There is no set order for how things happen in your session, as Tamara is not really in charge.  She is simply the “telephone” that is connecting you to your higher aspects / spirit guides and family members who have crossed over, so no two sessions are the same.

However, you can be sure that your session will be insightful, to the point, light-hearted, fun and filled with love.  You’ll also walk away with specific techniques or suggested reading recommendations that are designed to help you move forward in the areas of your life that you want to enhance.

Depending upon what happens during the session, Tamara may utilize a technique called “cord cutting,” which releases you from a current or past relationship on the emotional, psychic and etheric levels.  This technique is very powerful, and enables you to move forward to either remove the “push and pull” that exists in the relationship, or to release you and the individual from the relationship on all energetic levels.  This tool was learned from a renowned cord-cutting teacher nearly 20 years ago, and has been used throughout the years with immediate and profound results.

Logistics & Fees:

Sessions are conducted over the phone and are recorded.

  • An MP3 recording may be made of the session and is available via Drop Box following the call;
  • A “retro” cassette tape may be used (depending upon the situation) and mailed following the session; or
  • Skype/Zoom calls (audio, only) are also available, and the link with the recorded session can be shared immediately following the session.

First Time Clients:

Sessions are generally 60 minutes and a new client’s first session is $200.00 due to the additional preparation time.  Once an appointment has been booked, you will be invoiced through PayPal and payment must be received prior to the session.

Existing Clients:

Follow up sessions for existing clients are available for $150.00 for a 60-minute session, and are useful on an annual basis (around your birthday) to explore the upcoming astrological/numerological influences for the upcoming year.  A new chart will be prepared, and the session will include insights and advice from your guides.

Existing clients can also schedule a mini session for 30 minutes to handle a quick question or issues/opportunities that arise throughout the year.  The fee is $75.00.

Please call (310) 849-3510 to schedule a session.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Payments for all readings are non-refundable.  If you must cancel or change the date/time of your session, a minimum of 24-hours notice must be given or you will be charged the full session fee.

By scheduling a session with Tamara J. Scott (Tamara Scott Crowley), you agree to the terms and conditions of the refund and cancellation policy.

Gift Certificates

Treat a friend or loved one to an intuitive reading!  The lucky recipient will receive a beautiful gift certificate and instructions for booking their session.

Please call (310) 849-3510 to provide the gift certificate recipient’s mailing information.  All Gift Certificates are subject to the Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Refer a Friend and Receive a Gift!

If you refer a friend for a session and they say that you sent them, you will receive $50 off of your next reading!


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