By Bill Crowley

07/16/12 – Marble Mountains, CA

I left Tim Corcoran and all other campers of the Headwaters Outdoor School while everyone was doing outdoor skills class around the campfire at 10p.m.  I walked up to the Pacific Crest Trailhead, about ¼ to ½ mile away, without using my headlamp, as I wanted to maintain good naked-eye night vision.  It was about a 20 minute walk uphill to approximately 7,000 feet.  I sat quietly meditating and taking in the quiet beauty of the night sky.  It was very cold and I had all of my winter gear layered on.  From the ridge that I was on, I could barely make out the campfire and voices far below me.

At about midnight, when everyone had gone to bed and the fire was out, I gave out Bigfoot-type “bwoop” call. It was pitch black probably due to heavy, low cloud cover.  I kept my headlamp off to encourage any Sasquatch People to come close to me.  About 30 seconds later, I got a call back from what seemed like about a mile and a half away from WNW direction.  Within a minute or so I heard the typical branches breaking, rock clicking, and one set of bipedal footsteps.  I remained standing and my heart was pounding.  I was thinking, “Oh shit!  Do I really want to be here as it comes closer?” As the steps continued to come just below where I was standing, I was hit with a blast of fear that travelled up from my feet to my head.  I kept silently telling myself that no Sasquatch People have ever hurt anyone. Then I telepathically asked it to stop blasting me and sent it LOVE.  The deep visceral fear stopped immediately.

The Sasquatch Person came up the side of the ridge to my left about 10-20 yards away as far as my ears could tell, because my eyes could only see about a foot in front of me. Then the Sasquatch Person seemed to sit down and check me out.  I spoke to it verbally and telepathically.  I thanked it profusely for allowing me to enjoy its beautiful home here, and said that I’d love to become friends and be of service to its kind, and the planet if it wanted to teach me.  I also lifted my arms perpendicular to the sides of my body, turned my open palms towards him and slowly turned my body clockwise 360°.   All the time I was saying that I have no guns, cameras or recording devices on me and that I only want to communicate and be friends.  I then waited for a response of any kind, but to no avail.

Then I took out of my pocket a lucky four-leaf clover made of jade and made an offering to my friend by laying it on the ground.  I had so much adrenaline going through me that my hands were shaking. Still no response, only silence.

“Shall I stay or would you like me to leave?,” I asked verbally and telepathically.  No answer, silence.  I asked again, silence.  I thought the most respectful thing to do at that point was to leave.

The next morning I went back up to my spot and my offering was still lying on the ground exactly where I left it.  I walked over to the area where I felt the Sasquatch Person had sat down. The only thing I could find was one fresh track in the dirt as it made its way up the ridge.  The first experiential step in my journey to befriend the Sasquatch People had begun!

I went back the next night with a fellow camper who was extremely interested.  After I did a “bwoop” call, we heard rock-clicking and branches breaking, but that was all.  It just goes to show you that the best way to encounter Sasquatch People is to be alone.  They feel much safer and comfortable that way.  I understand now.

11/16/13 – Idyllwild, CA

I was camping at the Yellow Post #3 campsite near Boulder Basin.  It was about 8p.m., a full moon lit the area, and I had just seen two shooting stars—I believe it was the Leonid meteor shower.  While gazing up at the sky, there was a brilliant UFO “flash” from an area that had no stars.   The area where I saw the flash then returned to black space after one second.  I thanked my star brethren and sent them my love.  Soon after, out of the corner of my left eye,  I noticed movement.  As I turned towards the area of movement I caught a fleeting glimpse, one second, of a phantom, dark, bipedal, 7-8 feet tall figure walking as it disappeared behind a tree.   It must have been inter-dimensional because it almost didn’t seem solid.  The most striking thing was that it moved so fluidly, gracefully.  I sat still and waited for the figure to come out behind the tree (with the hair on the back of my neck standing up,) but nothing.  After about 30 seconds I walked over to the tree.  I wanted to confirm if it was a person or not.  There was no one there.  I said in a friendly, calm voice, “Hey brother.”   I thanked my visitor and walked back to my picnic table to continue my enjoyment of the night sky and also letting my visitor know that I’d let him/her come to me when it is safest and most comfortable for him/her.  Although I did not use any artificial light the whole time, the full moon was so bright that my vision was very clear.


Have you had or do you know anyone who’s encountered a Bigfoot? We’d love to hear from you.


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