By Bill Crowley

May 8, 2019 – Peru – Our group began a sky watch after 9 p.m., at about 8,200 feet / 2,500 meters elevation looking upwards towards Mt. Huascaran.  Mt. Huascaran is the tallest mountain in Peru at 22,205 feet / 6,768 meters.  All seven people sat down in a semi-circle, with me at one end.  With hardly any light pollution, the stars were shining brightly, except for a few clouds above.  Soon after sitting down, I saw the whole sky light up.  It was similar to heat lightening, but there were no storms showing on any of our weather mobile apps.  It was also late Fall in Peru and was getting cold.  The flash light-ups came about 4 more times.  Our tech expert was picking up strange lightening bolt visuals behind one large cloud on his night vision camera, but the bolts had very abnormal luminous spheres at each end of the bolt!

To my left, in front of row of large sugar-cane like plants I felt a large presence about 10 yards / 9 meters away.  I glanced in that direction a few times, but didn’t see anything.  I kept feeling like I was being watched.  After the third time I got up and walked over to the area in question.  I saw no one, nor felt anything there so returned to my seat.

Then a woman sitting a few chairs down from me said that she felt we were being watched.  I asked her if she felt the feeling was coming from the same direction where I had just been walking, she said, “yes.”  She and another woman continued to say that they now were seeing two lights from behind where I had just been standing.

The first woman stood up and began walking in the direction of the area where she saw the two lights.  She was very nervous, so I got up and joined her for support.  We were soon joined by the second woman and another man.  The first woman told us that we are not go any further.

Just back inside the tree line, about 20 yards / 18 meters from us standing in the field, we could all see a faint, hazy, gray-ish white circular light about 10 feet / 3 meters off the ground, with two very bright blue lights inside.  Another man joined us, making it 5 witnesses.  The sighting lasted a couple of minutes, until another man came, turned on his camera flash and the ‘entity’ disappeared.

Like other UFO and Sasquatch encounters, it felt like being with a magician – Look over here at this spectacular dramatic light show (heat lightening) while the real action is happening somewhere else (in the trees)…a distraction.

I felt that I saw a very large, undefined head with two very bright blue shining eyes.  Interestingly, three of my fellow witnesses had seen similar things that eventually morphed into full humanoid figures a couple of times in Mt. Shasta, California.   Legends from long ago speak of a very tall, advanced humanoid race living in Mt. Shasta; the same stories that associated with Mt. Huascaran, Peru.

The message I received was to trust my intuition / gut.  I had felt a presence near me at first, but my head said I was just imagining things.  Our heads will always seek to rationalize things away, but our bodies never lie.  Always listen to your feelings.  That’s how ET’s communicate with us.

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