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Ricardo Gonzales Retreats in Crestone, Colorado!

By Tamara Scott Crowley

Ricardo Gonzales held his latest retreat in Crestone, Colorado August 19-21, 2022.  The event featured all new seminars focusing on the enigma of the underground world, sacred places on earth, and their close connection with close-encounter reports.

The 2019 Ricardo Gonzales Retreat, which was held August 23-25, sold out.  The organizers increased the attendance to 100 participants, but word spread quickly about this amazing, consciousness-focused event.  The gathering was EPIC.

The 2018 Ricardo Gonzales retreat in Crestone was simply life changing.

The event kicked off on Friday afternoon with introductions and an overview of the weekend, a delicious lasagna dinner prepared by conference organizer Paola Harris, followed by an evening meditation under the stars on sacred land.

Ricardo Gonzales led the group through a guided meditation to harmonize everyone’s energies, and we had an Apunian space craft appear directly above the group.   Although the entire ship was only seen by Ricardo and me, others saw an outer ring of light that was part of the ship. It was a welcoming sign to the group for the weekend, and an exciting way to kick off the weekend.

Saturday morning we returned to the sacred land where Ricardo led the group though a guided meditation to receive messages. Many were visibly moved by the guidance and accuracy of the information received – and shared their experiences with the group.

Saturday afternoon featured lectures and incredible photos from Ricardo’s journeys around the world, and provided in depth spiritual experiences that are clearly divine in nature.   His laser-like guidance and messages from Antarel, his Apunian contact, have delivered undisputable proof that there is contact from non-human species in other time / dimensions. The Apunians deliver messages to humanity in order to help us help ourselves in this current timeline, and in future timelines.

Ricardo-LectureRicardo is a modern day Indiana Jones that has circled the globe to deliver messages, receive messages, and uncover the truth regarding the bloodlines of indigenous tribes who miraculously “migrated” from continent to continent. His core message is that we are all ONE in this dimension, past or future dimensions. His mission is one of peace.

Saturday evening featured another night-time sky watch, but this time there was not a ship sighting during the group meditation. Instead, there were personal messages and healings delivered to individuals in the circle under the stars. Bill and I had a really unusual experience, as we were all seated in chairs in a circle and all were meditating / chanting OM in a “round robin” fashion. With our eyes closed and chanting – I clearly heard footsteps behind us and Bill felt someone behind him – but there was no one behind us because we were in the dark and there was nothing but dense, prickly cactus and sagebrush! We both received clear messages that were related to our missions and life paths. It was really exciting and loving in nature.

Sunday morning, there was another guided group meditation, which was profound. You could see the emotion and love that was emanating from the group through the smiles and tear of joy! Ricardo then closed out the weekend by providing more tools to raise consciousness, photos of his incredible journeys and he answered people’s questions.

The entire weekend was a cohesive gathering of like-minded individuals who were there to connect with each other, open their hearts, and reach out to the universe. Every attendee walked away with a new friend, a personal message, and ongoing hope that we can move toward a more peaceful and loving planet.



Will there be a Ricardo Gonzales Retreat in 2024?  We will let you know as soon as we find out!



Ricardo Gonzales is a renowned Peruvian researcher and writer about extraterrestrial life, lost civilizations and new consciousness.  He is one of the most important contactees in the world and, one of the few ones to be able to prove his link with the extraterrestrials by having invited journalists and researchers to participate in previously scheduled UFO sightings. He is a tireless traveler who has circled the world several times, investigating mysterious places like the pyramids of Egypt, the Oracle of Delphi, the Gobi Desert, the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Mexico, the Cave of the Tayos, the secret tunnels of the Incas in Cusco, the jungles of Paititi, the Roncador mountain range, Lake Titicaca and the Atacama Desert, where he gathered extensive data.

Ricardo has been invited to conferences and specialized congresses in over 40 countries, and has also been interviewed on major TV programs worldwide. He is the author of 13 books, including his latest, “The Ark: An Extraterrestrial Warning from Alpha Centauri,” and “Contact from Planet Apu: Beings from the Future Among Us.”


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