It’s a Galactic Party….and YOU are invited! Join the multi-verse for an hour long Fire The Grid 2 meditation on July 19, 2021 at 11:11 GMT (or 4:11 a.m. PST) to help shift us AND the planet to the 5th Dimension. Read below for more details about how this event came to be.

If you haven’t heard of Samoiya Shelley Yates….then this is your chance to hear her story:

“In 2002 I drowned with my son in a lake and had a near death experience where I met Light Beings who told me how to miraculously save the life of my son. Later, in 2007, the Light Beings came to me with a project called Fire the Grid. They said, “What you did for your dying son, you can do for a dying planet.” They indicated that each one of us is an energy being, first and foremost, and that we, as energy beings, are attached to a hexagonal grid that surrounds and works through the planet. Each one of us has one hexagon in that grid. Nobody can get another hexagon. You have one hexagon and you’re either feeding that hexagon with light or you’re drawing light from it. So, every choice that you make counts and matters. In 2007, we organized the world’s largest mass meditation event ever held with millions of people participating to reconnect the Earth grid to the energy grid of the Universe. We were supposed to be the bridge that linked the two grids and we were not doing our job. So, the Light Beings asked us to draw the energy of the Universe through us to the Earth to feed her grid, which was depleted so badly that she was in danger of disintegrating. We succeeded. In 2009, we gathered again, but this time it was to send energy back to the Universe and at the same time program the Earth field with our most joyful, peaceful, and abundant-for-all thoughts. When we fired the grid again in 2011, we raised our collective field to assist the Earth as she entered a Light Barrier. We needed our energy field to be at the highest frequency in order to pass through without problems, which we did.


Now, the Light Beings have invited us to come together on July 19th, 2021 at 11:11 GMT for the next Fire the Grid project. We will pulse the energy grid to program the Fifth Field, thereby setting the parameters for the future earth and life that we want.”

Basically, you meditate, pray, play music, make love, garden, hug your family (furry or human), or WHATEVER brings you JOY for an hour. PLEASE NOTE: It works the best if we all do it at the same time…even it the time is inconvenient. However, if it is too early (or late) for you, just spend one hour between 10:00 p.m. PST on the 18th and midnight on July 19th firing the grid. Additional details regarding how to FIRE THE GRID are on their website at:

Part of being a Galactic Ambassador is answering the call of our fellow ET’s and humans to raise the vibration of ourselves and the dimensions. Will you join us?


  1. Of course we will join with full enthusiasm! We have been participating joyfully in all previous Fire the Grid events and experienced all of them as very powerful. Count on us! Thanks for the invite!


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